4 Classic Ezel Re-works (Free Downloads)

The following tracks are part of Ezel’s  collection of unofficial remixes and re-edits. If you are a long time or die-hard follower of Ezel, you probably got most of these.

Still, we over the course of the years we’ve recieve a lot of request from people wanting to get some of these, so here they are. We appreciate the support and involvement with our music, so this is our way of saying THANK YOU and WELCOME to the new site.

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DJ Chart June 2016


This month DJ Chart features excellent new music from labels Papa, Rhemi Music, Innervisions, Grintrax, Soulshine and other. Big shout to all the artists and labels for the quality music.

  1. Ezel ft. Tumelo – Get Down (Original Mix) – Local Talk
  2. Rhemi ft. Alex Mills – Back to the One (Original Mix) – Rhemi Music
  3. Mike Steva – Weekend Love (Louie Vega Roots Mix) – Yoruba
  4. Louis Benedetti ft. Sy Smith – I Want You For Myself (Original Mix) – Soulshine
  5. Hyenah – The Idea (Franky & Sadrino Remix) – Freerange
  6. Saison – Scoping – Gueshouse
  7. Aena – Running Hot – Innervisions
  8. Bonetti – The Change is Gonna Break – Grintrax
  9. Kates le Cafe – Illusion – Samsara
  10. Realm of House ft. La Nena – Ancestral Vibe (Original Mix) – Arawakan

Collaboration with Mateo Senolia

In the past few months Ezel has been reconnecting with the craft and tagging along some friends for very exciting collaborations. We are thrilled about the upcoming Ezel releases of the coming months. Here is one the highlight projects done in collaboration with the very talented, extremely deep musician/poet/Dj Mateo Senolia.

As some of you might recall, Mateo along partner Garth Trinidad released last year the phenomenal EP “Postcard from Strangers” on the mighty Yoruba Records label.  It was thru listening the “Sacre Sucre” that Ezel got inspired and decided to conjure Mateo for a incredible track title “You Got Worked”.

This song will be part of a upcoming Ezel EP that marks his return to Ocha Records, a familiar place that took on breaking him into underground house music international scene.

This release its expected to come out in the fall, can’t wait for the amazing collaboration.