A long player for Louie, Claussell, Krivit, Osunlade, Spinna, Deep Soulful and MusicalWe are proud to share with you the 2nd single from Ezel’s upcoming
debut album on Ocha Records, Secreto.

In My Lifetime featuring Tamara Wellons, is Ezel’s and Tamara’s first collabo, and these two Ocha recording artists hit it out of the park! A lot of effort went into the writing, recording and mixing of these songs, and I hope it shows. This record has been getting alot of love from Joe Claussell, DJ Spinna, Louie Vega, Danny Krivit, and Osunlade.

Here is what some of house music’s top DJ’s and tastemakers are saying:

One word….. AMAZING! Tears in my eyes when
I hear this one every time! Beautiful!
Jamie Thinnes (Seasons Recordings)

Great tracks, great vocal, great production! will play it in club and radio show. – Claude Monnet (SSOH)

What a nice tune.. I felt in love at the first listening. Great!
DJ Manoo (Realtone, Buzzinfly)

Love this song!!! Danny Krivit (718 Sessions, Body & Soul)

Another fine earthy release from Ocha. Loving the Tamara Wellons tune. I’m ready for it! – DJ Spinna (WonderWax)

Outstanding piece of soulful magic ! Killer vocal from Tamara .. super tight mix from Ezel …this will no doubt hands down be the tune of the WMC.. 10/10 heavy support from me ..Ocha on a roll! – Groove Assassin (Nite Grooves)

Really beautiful track. Ezel’s doin good work these days. Marques Wyatt (Deep, LA)

Definitely a Roots tune!!! Great vocal and song, good work fellas!! Louie Vega (Vega Records/MAW)

Slamming vocal. Great release. full support. Marlon D (Underground Collective)

Ezel is the real dealio. I definitely his work and this single is announcing a brilliant album. Feeling both songs. Boddhi Satva (Offering/Vega)

MASSIVE!!!! Watch this young man…he’s the hope & future of soulful music. – Daz-I-Kue (Bugz in the Attic)

This is easily going to become one of the WMC anthems for sure.. will be rockin this at a lot of gigs.. full support! – MasterKev (Code Red, NYC)

Yes, 2 winners from the man, diggin both a lot! Rainer Trueby (Trueby Trio/Root Down)

Very nice. Love the playback. Tamara delivers always! Ralf Gum (GoGo Music)

OHHHH!!!! So nice!! I like the rhodes sound & synth! All versions are good. Full support! play & chart this! DJ Rork (Djoon/Stalwart)

Great Release! – Ian Friday (Libation/Tea Party)

No dout this is one of my favorite releases and mixes from Ezel. Trinidadian Deep (Prescription, Future Vision)

Really dope tune man. Love Tamara already, and learning now about Ezel…bangin’…kudos! Rich Medina (Jump-n-Funk)

Amazing!!! – David Harness (Thread Recordings)

Beautiful release! We have a piece of quality music here! In My Lifetime brings the classic Yoruba sound for the EP and Pieces of Me is a oasis of music, if you think about what people have doing those days in dance music! Rafael Moraes (Nomumbah)

Wow, Ezel and Tamara raise the bar with this masterpiece. Can’t wait to rock this in Miami and beyond! DJ Ala (Dive, San Diego)

What a beautiful EP. Great work by Ezel & Tamara. Jihad Muhammad (Movement Soul)


In My Lifetime
Written & Produced by Ezel for Ocha Records
Published by Spirited Music / Sony ATV
Vocals: Tamara Wellons
All instruments by Ezel
Recorded at The House of Spirits D.R. / Mix B Studios (NYC)
Mixed and Masterd by Carlos Mena @ CASAMENA Studios, Oakland, CA


Executive Producers Carlos Mena, Osunlade and Ezel
All songs mastered by Carlos Mena at the CASAMENA Studios, Oakland, CA.

Ocha Records 2010


  • Release date2010-05-13
  • CatalogOCH009
  • LabelOcha
  • FormatDigital, Vinyl

This is Hot! Both of them! – DJ Oji (Poji Records)

Great track! On top of my list. DJ Christos (MetroFM – South Africa)

Beautiful Project!!! In My Lifetime my favorite cut! Full Support! – Bradford James (Seed Recordings)

Very Very nice package! – Neil Aline (Chez Music)

More HEAT from Ocha just in time for WMC! Pure quality that I will have on heavy rotation. Jayvi Velasco (AfterAfter Hours, SF)

Funny now I’m discovering da original, superb tune, luvin da organic feel of it… Will play in da sunshine 4 sure 🙂 – Simbad (Raw Fusion)

This is so sweet it’s making my teeth hurt in my lifetme is a very honest piece of work. I love it. – Atjazz

I adore this. What a tagteam. And cannot wait for the diverse beauty of the album too. Ezel in 2010 is huge. – Bopstar

Lovin’ both songs for their masterful orchestration, arrangement and breath taking vocals !! Michael Fossati (

Will definitely support this on the show! – Kristi Lomax (90.7FM – KPFK, LA)

Solid producer Ezel with top notch vocalist Tamara makes a winning combo. Ocha delivers once again! Mark Mendoza (Phuture Sole)

I heard Osunlade play this here when we had him, really classy joint… – JayTripwire (Tonality)

Big tune from Ezel, Tamara sounds so dope!!! Love this, big support from me. – Oli Lazarus (Reel People)

Dope! Feelin’ this. Congrats Ezel. – Alix Alvarez (SOLE Channel)

Very nice song, the instrumental is dope too!!! – Greg Gauthier (Dance Culture, Djoon, Paris)

A great summer begins! – Thai (Greece)

Very Nice! Loving the vibe – Will Reelsoul (SOLE Channel)

I like I like… One of my favorite labels, Ezel and Tamara, now that’s a combo!!! Wicked… – Vinny Da Vinci (MetroFM, South Africa)

You know me, Im so effin on it! Give me three. U got my Support! – Stephen Rigmaiden (Soso Deep)

This is fiyahhhhhhhhh! – DJ Pope (Poji Records)

Great release, I’m loving it! It’s on fire brother! – Max Pela (Uhuru Africa, Boston)

Smooth release, very nice! – Ricardo da Costa (Soul Candi, South Africa)

Absolutely brilliant! Looking forward to the album. Will play it on the show and in the clubs. – Sosue Kullman (Raw Artistic Records)

Feeling “Pieces of Me” – MKL (Lion1Music)

This is an amazing piece of musical art in its purist form. Looking forward on hearing the rest of the album. – Halo (CityDeep Music)

Ezel continues to amaze me with his talents. In My Lifetime will be featured in my sets @ WMC! Go Ezel!!! – Tommy Bones (Lion1Music)

Hot Hot Hot! Ocha always delivers! – Abicah Soul (Objecktivity, Chicago)