FUTURE SOUL RECORDS presents… “THE GOODNESS EP”, a two-headed beat beast that features FSR veterans John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis, with vocals and bass from Detroit frontman Paul Randolph, and their electric cover of Circle City Band’s 1982 classic boogie track, “Magic”, which goes head-to-head with Bugz in the Attic beat prodigy Daz-I-Kue, and the poetic styling’s of LA vocalist Joy Jones, in his rendition of Unlimited Touch’s, “In the Middle”. With a smooth blend of programming, live musical performance and soulful vocals, “THE GOODNESS EP”, will take you back to the “golden age” of dance floor boogie by incorporating elements of house, funk, disco and the many other sounds boogie opened the door for in the ’70’s and ’80’s.

“In the Middle” features Daz-I-Kue on the beats and boards, with long-time collaborator Joy Jones on vocals, (accompanied by John Arnold, Jeremy Ellis, Amy Arena and K Claude Harris), and offers the listener a lively boogie tune that takes you back… just in time to be shifted into the future as Dominic “Domu” Stanton, producer/DJ/remix master, who by the way has announced his exit from the industry after years at the top of the underground production game, provides one of his mini-maximum remixes, so this may turn out to be his last official release, so don’t miss out.

“Magic” features Detroit’s own John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis, both of whom provide not only their solid production skills, but the long-lost art of musicianship with Jeremy on keys, John on guitar and special guest Paul Randolph (Jazzanova) on bass and providing vocals! To round it out, up-start producer, Ezel (Yoruba Records) kicks in with a deep, soulful House remix that doubles as part epilogue to “THE GOODNESS EP” as well as part prelude, foreshadowing the good things to come from FSR in the near future. Stay tuned for the full release of “THE GOODNESS” coming out Fall, 2010.


  • Release dateMarch 27, 2013
  • CatalogFSR01
  • LabelFuture Soul Records
  • FormatDigital

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