Ezel releases Origins EP on his brand new label Bayacou Records

Bayacou Records is an exciting brand new electronic music record label founded by Dj/Producer Ezel.

For many years Ezel has been collaborating with some of the most respected and revered house music labels around such as Ocha, Local Talk and most recently Defected Records. In this process, the development of his sound and identity as an artist has experienced a magnificent sense of growth and personal belonging.

With the launch of Bayacou Records, we strive to seek even higher grounds in terms of music with a strong spiritual vibe behind. Regardless of what shape or form the music takes, the voice that resonates from within is instantly recognizable. It is the one of creating without limitations and always from the heart, a reflection of what true art is all about.

The first release in the brand new label is Origins EP. Rooted in deep spirituality, this EP is a collection of grooves to aid dance floor meditation and connection with one’s higher self.

Carlos Mena & Mateo Senolia


“Got it, Thanks. Hope all is well” Louie Vega
‘Hey man.your EP is AMAZING !!!” Manoo
‘This whole EP is amazing Thanks bro. Will push.” Mr. V (Sole Channel)
‘Will definitely be playing your Origins track.” – Seven Davis Jr.
‘Amazing bro. I know it will be a big tune” – Daz-I-Kue (Buz in The Attic)
“Yes Ezel !! You went iiiiin hermano !!!!! Me gusta mucho !!gracias !!!
ima play this out, especially 2,3 & 4 ;-)” – Simbad (Brownswood Rec)
‘Origins’ simply phrase with unique samples impressive. after break is so soulful. Also good keep vibes Ice Cold Mix. Support! – Dazzle Drums (GP Recordings)
‘Many thanks for sending over…sounds amazing as always. Will def support and play.” Mad Mats (Local Talk)
‘Astral really hurts in my heart, i feel it deep inside, much love for this track, really special, this one and Origin (ice cold) which im going to play for long time are my favorites. Congrats Ezel for your first own release, solid package with Beautiful music” – Kiko Navarro (BBE)
‘Hola Ezel ya recibimo, tremendo swing tiene esto!! felicidades!! muchisimas gracias :)” Pablo Fierro (Vida Music)
“Astral is my Jam, Love it” – Rafael Moraes (Nomumbah)

Ezel - Origins (Artwork)
  • ArtistEzel
  • Title: Origins EP
  • Cat: BYC01
  • Distribution(Digital Release)
  • Release date: July 10

Ezel’s You Got Worked signed to Defected Records

A major Ezel release is coming out on Defected Records in the form of “You Got Worked” ft. Mateo Senolia on the words and including a serious remix from Ocha Record’s Casamena.

The jam has been on heavy rotation with heavyweights like Louie Vega and has been prominently featured on the Defected Radio Show. Just this week it was selected as Defected’s Most Rated in this awesome house music podcast with more than 100,000 listeners worldwide.

Carlos Mena & Mateo Senolia


A protégé of Osunlade who hails from the Dominican Republic, Ezel demonstrates a real flair for making deep, acidic house beats that touch on the transcendental. ‘You Got Worked’ is rhythmic, intense and playful all at once. Mateo Senolia’s profound tones create equilibrium, balancing out the acidity of the beat with its smooth and spiritual qualities. Flanked by an Ice Cold Edit which pares back much of the sharp rhythms, a formidably deep remix from CASAMENA (aka Carlos Mena, himself a musical being from the Yoruba dimension) and an Accapella, ‘You Got Worked’ is a truly unique record.

Little Louie Vega (Masters at Work) rocking  “YOU GOT WORKED” ft. Mateo Senolia @ Djoon

Mezami, New EP coming on Ocha Records

After 6 years of much living and learning, Ezel brings brand new sounds to a label he is very familiar with. We are really proud to present you with first look at “Mezami EP” coming out very soon on Ocha Records.

Things start off with “Mezami” the piece who lends its name for this EP.
Haitian folk vibes meets sexy soulful musicality to create an AfroSoul Future Classic. 

Divine Sacred Dance follows up as a collaboration with Ocha label owner/producer/Dj and Yoruba Ocha priest Carlos Mena. A prayer to the sacred act of dancing with purpose, when not only the body but the soul gets lifted. 

Carlos Mena & Mateo Senolia

Finally,  Ezel meets Yoruba Records artist Mateo Senolia on a intense Afro Tech vibe in “You Got Worked”. As a musician, poet and novelist of Kreyol heritage, Mateo paints a unique  picture thru a cutting edge spoken word performance while Ezel’s hypnotic synth lines curl around some hardcore truths that will make you ponder. 

2 version of this tune included in the package, the original version and a stripped “Ice Cold” version where the dance intensifies as the messages comes down hard. Expect an intense ride. 

A truly deep EP that is more than dance ready. Intended for those who dance with their feet but also those who dance into higher knowledge with their soul and open heart.  

Little Louie Vega (Masters at Work) rocking  “YOU GOT WORKED” ft. Mateo Senolia @ Djoon

DJ Chart June 2016


This month DJ Chart features excellent new music from labels Papa, Rhemi Music, Innervisions, Grintrax, Soulshine and other. Big shout to all the artists and labels for the quality music.

  1. Ezel ft. Tumelo – Get Down (Original Mix) – Local Talk
  2. Rhemi ft. Alex Mills – Back to the One (Original Mix) – Rhemi Music
  3. Mike Steva – Weekend Love (Louie Vega Roots Mix) – Yoruba
  4. Louis Benedetti ft. Sy Smith – I Want You For Myself (Original Mix) – Soulshine
  5. Hyenah – The Idea (Franky & Sadrino Remix) – Freerange
  6. Saison – Scoping – Gueshouse
  7. Aena – Running Hot – Innervisions
  8. Bonetti – The Change is Gonna Break – Grintrax
  9. Kates le Cafe – Illusion – Samsara
  10. Realm of House ft. La Nena – Ancestral Vibe (Original Mix) – Arawakan