Mezami, New EP coming on Ocha Records

After 6 years of much living and learning, Ezel brings brand new sounds to a label he is very familiar with. We are really proud to present you with first look at “Mezami EP” coming out very soon on Ocha Records.

Things start off with “Mezami” the piece who lends its name for this EP.
Haitian folk vibes meets sexy soulful musicality to create an AfroSoul Future Classic. 

Divine Sacred Dance follows up as a collaboration with Ocha label owner/producer/Dj and Yoruba Ocha priest Carlos Mena. A prayer to the sacred act of dancing with purpose, when not only the body but the soul gets lifted. 

Carlos Mena & Mateo Senolia

Finally,  Ezel meets Yoruba Records artist Mateo Senolia on a intense Afro Tech vibe in “You Got Worked”. As a musician, poet and novelist of Kreyol heritage, Mateo paints a unique  picture thru a cutting edge spoken word performance while Ezel’s hypnotic synth lines curl around some hardcore truths that will make you ponder. 

2 version of this tune included in the package, the original version and a stripped “Ice Cold” version where the dance intensifies as the messages comes down hard. Expect an intense ride. 

A truly deep EP that is more than dance ready. Intended for those who dance with their feet but also those who dance into higher knowledge with their soul and open heart.  

Little Louie Vega (Masters at Work) rocking  “YOU GOT WORKED” ft. Mateo Senolia @ Djoon

Collaboration with Mateo Senolia

In the past few months Ezel has been reconnecting with the craft and tagging along some friends for very exciting collaborations. We are thrilled about the upcoming Ezel releases of the coming months. Here is one the highlight projects done in collaboration with the very talented, extremely deep musician/poet/Dj Mateo Senolia.

As some of you might recall, Mateo along partner Garth Trinidad released last year the phenomenal EP “Postcard from Strangers” on the mighty Yoruba Records label.  It was thru listening the “Sacre Sucre” that Ezel got inspired and decided to conjure Mateo for a incredible track title “You Got Worked”.

This song will be part of a upcoming Ezel EP that marks his return to Ocha Records, a familiar place that took on breaking him into underground house music international scene.

This release its expected to come out in the fall, can’t wait for the amazing collaboration.