History Repeating
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History Repeating

What sets apart prolific dance music production powerhouse team Ezel & Rona Ray its they carry themselves with a sense of building legacy around a exquisitely curated catalog. Departing from the soulful classic “Hard to Stay Away” going into experimental 5/4 measure lands with “Gravity” and back into the main stage of soulful goodness with “Don’t Know Yet” their global audience has become accustomed to a sense of bigger things always lining up and we feel comes to be the case with “History Repeating”, a much fitting name for their majestic fourth collaboration and straight up instant classic.

What can we add that the music itself don’t let you know about where lies the genius of this two crafty and unapologetic soul filled artists, coming together in the quest of great songs with fresh vibes and always pushing the envelopes to new heights.

This one is definitely history repeating for them as they once again have delivered us with timeless and deeply gratifying soulful house music. And if you are wondering the same way we are, Where is the album guys?? yea… expect some awesomeness coming ahead.


released March 11, 2023

Written by Ezel & Rona Ray
Produced, mixed and mastered by Ezel
P & C Bayacou Records